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the wild nooks

first and foremost there was a vision to create a place where i could not only express my passion for the wild, rough and raw side of nature, the impact of the ecology movement and the life with a pack of malamutes, but also where i can show my love for writing, editing and creating content. out of this the wild nooks emerged. here you can dive into impressions and stories, but also have the opportunity to discover my work. and if you like what you see, i look forward to collaborate w/ you.

hey, it's me

i'm jasmin, an outdoor enthusiast, dog mom and freelance writer on a mission to make you seen, heard and known.

i’ve lost my heart to the rural and the wild, living the simple life, somewhere between mountains and pines. i’m a freelance copywriter and content creator. in my free time i run a team of malamutes and work part time in animal health: bodywork and communication, cranio sacral-therapy and soon animal nutrition.

but the main focus is to guide creative minds and sustainable brands through the process of finding the right words; and their dream clients.

work w/ me

let’s turn your customers in your dream clients

i know how tough it is to define your dream clients and their needs and to find a way to positioned your unique products or services. by getting clear on your message, you’ll connect w/ them through your content, attract more of the right people, and ultimately make a client base with which you feel comfortable.

it’s literally my job to guide you through the process of finding the right words; this is what i love helping creative minds and bold brands with every day.

latest stories

discover the magazine

this magazine is an online journal featuring a limited collection of personal stories of adventure travel, journeys and expeditions. the concept is simple: to capture the emotion and to inspire.

living in the woods

w/ a pack of malamutes

what started as a passion of mine, has morphed into a way 
to connect deeper with nature and to live more open-minded than i ever did. living on a remote place, between mountains and pines, with a pack of malamutes unfolded a life of adventure and exploration. it shaped a world for me and my pack that allows us to pursue our dreams.

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